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How Many Days I Can Rent A Van?

We have a 2 day required minimum for renting a van.

Our maximum allowed rental time is 2 weeks.

Do You Have Age Requirements?

You must be 25+ (with a valid driver’s license) to rent our vans.  Anyone who will be driving the van must also be 25+.

How Soon Can I Reserve A Van?

We require at least 2 days ahead of desired resevation date for all bookings.

Do You Require Advanced Booking?

We require at least 2 days ahead of desired resevation date for all bookings.

Do You Provide Insurance?

No, we do not provide insurance.

You will need to provide proof of your own insurance coverage. Contact your from your insurance provider and request an “insurance binder”. You can also purchase your own temporary campervan insurance for your rental.

you will need to get your own coverage. Often you can call you own insurance provider and ask for an “insurance binder” to cover you for the rental.

Insurance Requirements?

Proof of valid US or CANADA full coverage insurance is required.

Unfortunately, credit card insurance cannot be accepted.

You must have full coverage, comprehensive and collision.

Your insurance needs to cover 1993 Westafalia camper vans.

Do You Require A Security Deposit/Hold?

We require a security deposit hold of $1000 to cover incidents causing damage. The security deposit is reduced to covered by your insurance. This includes damage to the canopy (cloth and hardware), mirrors, window or windscreen damage, impact with stationary objects, driver negligence, or returning the van late, damage to the tires, camping gear, all equiptment and supplies that come stocked in the van, etc. It is your responibility to notify us of anything that has broken or been damaged.

Do You Require A Booking Deposit?

A deposit of $250 is required to secure a booking. Full rental charges are payable when you pick up the van. Minus the $250 deposit amount.

Do I Need A Credit Card?

Yes, we require a valid credit card for the $1000 security deposit.

You will not be charged unless you return the van damaged.

Where Do I Pick Up/Return The Van?

After you make your booking and pay your deposit, we will contact you within 24 hours to go over the details and see if you need a ride from the airport.

What Is The Van Stocked With?

Your van rental comes with everything you need for a relaxing camping trip. Explore everything the van is stocked with HERE.

Does The Van Have A Toilet/Shower?

No, the van does not have a toilet or a shower. 

How Many People Can Sleep/Ride?

The van is equiped to have 4 adults ride in it but 4 people will not be able to comfortably sleep in the van. Because of this we have a limit. Our vans have 1 bottom level queen size bed and upper level single bed. Ourc limit on campers is 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 small children.

Can I Use a Carseat?

You can use a carseat in our vans. We do not provide carseats in our van rentals.

You will need to bring your own and know how to safely install it.

Where Can We Camp?

The island of Kauai has several great places to camp. For your convienence, we have created a Camping Map Here on our Campgrounds page.

Are Your Vans 4WD?

We currently do not have any 4WD vans.

Do The Vans Have GPS?

Yes they do. For your safety and ours, we have equiped our vans with GPS tracking systems.

Can We Go To Polihale or Mahalepu?


We currently do not have 4WD vans that are designed to go on dirt roads or the sand. Van rantals are not allowd to go off road, to Polihale or Mahaleu.

If you try going to Polihale and get stuck in the mud or sand there will be an $650 “Polihale Rescue” charge taken out of your deposit.

Can We Go To Kokee?

Yes. You can take our vans to Kokee with the exeption of any dirt/4WD roads. This includes Sugi Grove.

If you try to take the van down any of these roads and get stuck there will be a $700 “Kokee Rescue” fee taken from your deposit.

Can We Smoke In The Van?

No. We ask that you do not smoke, vape or burn incense in our vans.

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